"This weekend was everything I was hoping it would be and so much more. I connected with everyone who participated in a way that I didn't expect. What an enriching experience."

"The Daring Way three day intensive was a journey to a new way of living. Leading a wholehearted life does not mean perfection but the willingness to act out of my story, own it and show up bravely to myself and others. I am grateful to Mara and Sarah for sharing Bren
é Brown's research and insights with me and our group."

"The group opened me in a way that no other experience could have. It helped me 'practice' all of the skills, emotions and fears I've been struggling with and permanently changed my perspective."

"Sarah and Mara's Daring Greatly group delivers all that it promises and more. Heal, learn to love yourself more, and reconnect here."

"The Daring Way men's session was fantastic. It was wonderful to spend time with men of different backgrounds but similar struggles. The weekend was well worth my time. It has helped to jump start my growth and healing to becoming a better husband, father, and man."

"Daring Greatly was a powerful experience for me in being authentically myself, being courageous in my vulnerability and feeling a genuine sense of connection."

"The Daring Way was my first step in learning what Wholehearted Living feels and looks like. The time spent exercising vulnerability with my group changed the way I see myself and others. I have a better understanding of empathy, shame, and trust."  

"This experience was a major turning point in my personal journey of re-discovery."