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Daring Adventures in Connection - Parent/Child Workshop

  • 930 Logan Street #101 Denver, CO, 80203 United States (map)

Daring Adventures In Connection

Are you ready to start creating more connection with your child? What if we told you there's a way to actually build your bond with your child during the hardest of times, rather than feeling like you're losing control? Daring Adventures in Connection is a workshop for both Parents and Kids (grades 3-5) that is assured to send you both away with tools for feeling more confident and connected. 

This 4-hour workshop provides time for kids to meet with kids, parents to meet with parents, and finally a closing time where you'll all come together and share what you've learned.

Research consistently shows that the “super-protective” factor that helps young people avoid challenging circumstances during their teen years such as teen pregnancy, violence, addiction to drugs, or truancy, is a child’s sense of being close to his/her parent(s).  Even though your kids are not teenagers yet, the foundation that is laid before those teenage years is vital.    
Parenting can be overwhelming and it can be hard to figure out our children.  One moment your child may be laughing on the couch and the next he/she may be exploding over his/her homework.  In this four hour workshop, we will explore how your child’s emotions work and how that relates to behaviors.  You will gain a better understanding of what is going on underneath your child’s behaviors.   
In this workshop, parents will learn:

  • Why your child may “lose it” over the littlest things.
  • How to confidently and lovingly handle your child’s emotional moments.
  • Ways that we disconnect from our children.
  • Four Listening Tools to help you parent more confidently and support your child’s development.
  • The importance of connection to your child's brain and emotional well-being.
  • How to create meaningful support for yourself and the hard work you do as a parent. 

While you're busy connecting with other parents, your kids will be actively learning and experiencing valuable lessons in Courage Camp! Here we'll use foundational principles based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown and her curriculum from The Daring Way™.  Your kids will learn to:

  • Define vulnerability and experience it as an act of courage. 
  • Get clear on why their story of who they are matters.
  • Learn about empathy and self-compassion.
  • Explore their personal values and how they can light the way in times of darkness.  

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Investment: $155/family (1 parent + 1 child, grades 3-5)
Facilitators: Kristen Volk, Certified Hand In Hand Parenting Instructor
Sarah Phillips, LCSW and Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Consultant

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